CeramiChlor: Ceramic filtration media enhanced with nanotech germicidal activity

What is CeramiChlor?

CeramiChlor is a unique innovation in nanomaterials that neutralizes bacteria on contact. Infused with antimicrobial nanoparticles on a ceramic base, the all-natural material capitalizes on its immensely high surface area and active nano-particles for reliable control of waterborne pathogens. As water passes through the porous media, pathogens are eliminated passively and safely on contact.

How does it work?

The porous ceramic media is infused with germicidal nanoparticles that achieve instantaneous disinfection. CeramiChlor kills bacteria faster and more safely than chlorine or other chemicals without any hazardous disinfection byproducts (DBPs). The flexibility provided by reliable disinfection without energy or chemical dosing makes it broadly applicable, including source water that is otherwise incapable of treatment. CeramiChlor does not leave a residual disinfectant in the water, therefore it is implemented either at point of use (e.g. a tank outlet, sink entry) or in a circulating system. 

CeramiChlor minimizes the need for chlorine in drinking water and recreational water systems such as swimming pools and ornamental gardens.  Due to its simple setup and operation, it provides a better alternative to UV and ozone disinfection.  CeramiChlor has no moving parts and can even be added to existing filtration systems. It can treat large volumes of water due to the high flow rate allowed through its interconnecting pore structure with minimal maintenance required.
Effective in neutralizing 99.99% of microorganisms, including E. coli, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Legionella.
Applicable in low and high-pressure systems at varying flow rates and temperatures.
Non-toxic components do not risk human health and are pending NSF certification.
Flexible in its application and can disinfect water streams that other technologies cannot.

Ceramichlor flow through filter disinfection
Applications in drinking water:

CeramiChlor is used in residential and commercial applications at the point-of-entry. It provides peace of mind to customers seeking reliable water safety in systems with variable quality. In addition to the CeramiChlor disinfection media, the filter unit also contains a 5 micron filter to strain out impurities and is effective for 6 months of continuous use in a single family home.

Disinfection and Filtration in rural areas:

CeramiChlor is the perfect answer for fecal pollution contaminated boreholes and surface water in rural areas such as villages in Africa or India.

Water Filteration
Swimming pool cleaned with
CeramiChlor, no chemicals used

With enteric illness still claiming millions of lives a year in underdeveloped regions, it is imperative to supply safe and reliable drinking water with simple sturdy components. This is exactly what CeramiChlor does. CeramiChlor can clean drinking water with low pressure (gravity) systems and can also be used in line or in other contexts. There is absolutely no reason that any child should die from lack of clean drinking water and CeramiChlor can bring the answer immediately and reliably.