ProBio Media offers solutions to the following problems:

The ProBio Media (PBM) is a patented, high-porosity ceramic material with an exceptionally high surface area that greatly increases the effect of biological treatment in water bodies.

It is a highly effective and easy-to-apply solution to the most challenging problems created by algae blooms in:

Algae Blooms:

The best way to control and prevent algae blooms is to remove the excessive nutrients from the ecosystem. ProBio Media provides a lasting solution that will defend against algae for multiple seasons. Treatment resistant algae and cyanobacteria become non-issues because we outcompete the food source with beneficial bacteria.

ProBio Media’s ceramic design provides 2,300,000 M2 per M3 of surface area containing millions of capillaries ranging in size from 50 to 100 microns that supports beneficial bacteria growth in thin bio-films.

These capillaries create an ideal environment for boosting tremendous amounts of beneficial bacteria that eliminate the excessive nutrients that promote algae blooms and re-establish a balance in nutrient cycling in the water.

Hydrogen Sulfide Production:

Hydrogen sulfide in ponds and reservoirs causes foul odors, kills fish, and impacts aquatic life. It is created as a byproduct of the decomposition of organic matter under anaerobic conditions due to sediment accumulation and excess nutrient levels.

ProBio Media is the ideal all-natural solution for this problem. Beyond providing millions of capillaries capable of supporting large amounts of beneficial bacteria colonies, each capillary surface is textured; emulating nature and producing 50 times more beneficial bacteria than any other type of surface area. The high levels of beneficial bacteria will consume the organic material that causes the problem and prevent its future build-up.

The presence of algae in reservoirs poses a significant risk to pumping, filtering, and metering equipment. Introducing beneficial bacteria and handling algae at its source minimizes clogging and extends the lifespan of equipment, thus lowering operation and maintenance costs.

WQ Degradation Requiring Alternative Water Sources:

Algae blooms can render water sources unusable for extended periods. This significantly reduces the production of water utilities and presents difficulties for farmers who require water irrigation.

Biological treatment with PBM mitigates the frequency and intensity of algae blooms, eliminating the reliance on alternative water sources and minimizing the costs associated with securing and treating these alternatives.

Even if there is no acute algae problem, ProBio Media can enhance the overall water quality by breaking down excess nutrients and organic substances in reservoirs. This not only improves color and odor but also ensures that the physical parameters of the water remain within acceptable standards, eliminating the need for chemical interventions.

Chemical and Non-Chemical Maintenance Cost:

Solutions to algae bloom remediation can be very costly due to ongoing monitoring and maintenance costs. Common solutions involving chemicals like sodium percarbonate, copper sulfate, and aluminum sulfate are expensive and provide a limited one-time effect requiring repeated applications.

Implementing ProBio Media’s biological treatment offers a cost-effective solution. Once introduced to the ecosystem, the product manages water quality over multiple seasons. ProBio Media actively reduces any operation or maintenance costs and provides an all-natural impact that is less harmful to aquatic life.

Integrating ProBio Media

The integration of ProBio Media into reservoir management presents a holistic and sustainable solution to an array of challenges, offering economic and environmental benefits while promoting the long-term health and functionality of water systems. ProBio Media’ s application is quick, easy, and low-profile creating an aesthetic solution:

Algae control in ponds

Case Study: Pond Algae Control

ProBio Media has been used in hundreds of ponds and lakes to address existing algae blooms and prevent future growth. Many of these ponds and lakes were not responsive to chemical treatments but improved drastically with the use of PBM.

Results have shown:

Case Study: Sports Fishing Lake Water Quality

ProBio Media was applied in a 12-hectare sports Fishing Lake that experienced recurring fish kills. The media was hung in nets ~3 m off the shoreline and added around an aerator further out in the lake.

Algae were eliminated, water clarity improved, and oxygen in
the water increased more than 3 times, eliminating fish kills.

Before After
Total Nitrogen 2.4 mg/L 1.83 mg/L
Phosphorus 0.573 0.094 mg/L
In Summary, ProBio Media’s Advantages:

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